Preliminary Agenda

The preliminary agenda for the 10th Annual Aerospace Manufacturing Conference will be available shortly. In the meantime, please refer to the agenda for the virtual event held in May of 2021.

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Tuesday - May 11, 2021
11:00-3:45 PM EST

11:00-11:05 AM
Welcome Address and Introductions
Joanna Speed, Managing Director, A&D and SpeedNews Conferences
Michael Bruno, Senior Business Editor & Content Manager, Aviation Week Network

A Top Level View

Aerospace manufacturing has been turned on its head almost overnight. COVID-19 has led to the worst downturn in global commercial aviation since World War II. Geared for record-high monthly production rates, the industrial base suddenly faces OEM production rate cuts of a quarter, third or even half, depending on the program. Liquidity remains a top concern, and consolidation is speeding up. Relationships are being redefined. Digitally, everything will change, with every month post-pandemic equal to a year pre-Covid. The market may change, too, with supersonic, UAM and hybrid-electric and sustainable fuels racing toward implementation. AMC seeks to shed light on these topics and help provide firm grounding for industry to take flight again.

Moderated by Michael Bruno, Senior Business Editor & Content Manager, Aviation Week Network
ROLAND BERGER - Robert Thomson, Managing Partner 

11:50-12:50 PM
Next-Gen Aerospace

While the recovery outlook for traditional commercial aircraft is a critical near-term focus for the industry, there is newfound momentum behind several new aircraft technology concepts that could reshape the industry in the 2030s. Supersonic jets, advanced/urban air mobility, electric and hybrid-electric passenger aircraft, and other new technologies are still in the early stages of development, yet industry players know that winners of those future advances are placing bets now. How should the aerospace supply chain begin to effectively position for the next generation of commercial air travel? 

Moderated by Jay Carmel, Principal, Avascent
AIRBUS - Romain Legast, Head of Procurement & Supply Chain Strategy -  Urban Mobility
AIRFLOW.AERO - Marc Ausman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 
JETBLUE TECHNOLOGY VENTURES - Jim Lockheed, Investment Principal
MAGNIX - Roei Ganzarski, Chief Executive Officer
Discussion and Questions

Refresher and Networking Break – sponsored by The Austin Company

Aerospace Manufacturing, From Analog to Digital

How do you build an airliner if all your workers are stuck at home? Answer: automation, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, digital designing, and good old-fashioned lean manufacturing. With fewer workers spaced further apart, yet the need to better collaborate across factories, companies and continents, aerospace manufacturing could be set for a revolution in supply chain management and digitalization.

Moderated by Dr. Vivek Saxena, Founder & Managing Director, Advisory Aerospace OSC
AERODYNAMIC ADVISORY - Glenn McDonald, Principal 
SAAB - Magnus Falk, Vice President, Head of Business Development, Marketing & Sales – Aerostructures
Discussion and Questions 

Refresher and Networking Break – sponsored by The Austin Company

New OEM-Supplier Realities

After a decade of infighting over Partnership for Success, Scope+, working capital crunches, hotel room work auctions, and should-cost analyses, suddenly OEMs and suppliers are rediscovering they are on the same aircraft and it is losing altitude. The coming decade could see an unprecedented collaboration – albeit not necessarily happily – between legacy OEMs, new quasi-OEMs, super Tier 1s, emerging Tier 2s and lower-tier specialists. The supplier base landscape is changing and the need to work together is growing. Can industry pull it off, and what needs to happen?

Moderated by Kenneth "Ken" Herbert, Managing Director, Canaccord Genuity
AVIATION WEEK NETWORK - Michael Bruno, Senior Business Editor & Content Manager 
ROSEN AVIATION - Jeremy Kneuper, Senior Systems Architect
VERIFY - Kathleen Boyle, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer  
Discussions and Questions 

Refresher and Networking Break – sponsored by The Austin Company

Working it Out with Your Workforce

It is no secret that aerospace manufacturing has lost a proverbial army of workforce since COVID-19 emerged. While cost cutting was necessary, the price to be paid is more than just severance and includes loss of institutional knowledge and manufacturing expertise. What is more, how will industry retain and recruit in coming years for the expected upturn? Industry leaders used to just worry about having a good-enough STEM talent pool; now they also must consider socio-economic issues that matter to the workforce and customers alike such as racism, the environment and political activism. How can companies pivot from their operation and personnel strategies of the past to this new decade?

Moderated by Cliff Collier, Principal, Charles Edwards Management Consulting
DRAKEN INTERNATIONAL - Stacey S. Calvert, Vice President, Global Head of Human Resources    
EATON AEROSPACE - Dianah L. Bogan, Director, Global Human Resources
SPIRIT AEROSYSTEMS - Justin T. Welner, Vice President, Human Resources, Corporate Affairs, Compliance & IT
Discussions and Questions

Closing Remarks
Joanna Speed, Managing Director, A&D and SpeedNews Conferences
Michael Bruno, Senior Business Editor & Content Manager, Aviation Week Network
Drawing for PacMin airplane model (must be present to win)