Designed for Leaders and Decision-makers from OEMs to Suppliers in the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Aviation Week's A&D Manufacturing Conference, formerly SpeedNews' Aerospace Manufacturing Conference, will bring together leading manufacturers and suppliers in the aerospace industry to present updates and developments in manufacturing operations, capabilities and processes, innovation within manufacturing, modern machining technologies, and industry automation.

Delegates will gain a full understanding of the latest trends, challenges and forecasts in the aerospace manufacturing industry, and be provided with insider knowledge and examples of products that can have a direct impact on their own operations and improve their productivity and profitability.
At the event, Delegates will be able to connect with company Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors, and professionals in Procurement, Production, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, R&D, and Engineering.

Topics focus on key components driving the industry

   • The future of aerospace manufacturing and our new normal  
   • Operations: supply chain management after Covid-19
   • Next-gen Aerospace: Where and how to place bets for 2025 and beyond
   • Digitalization in aerospace from a strategic business perspective
   • How can companies pivot from the personnel strategies of the past to this new decade?

Who benefits from attending?

   • Equipment OEMs, sub-tier manufacturers, material and parts suppliers 
   • Supply chain executives and senior decision makers 
   • Leaders in strategic planning, marketing and business development
   • Executives in production, operations, R&D, economic development, technology and engineering 

Please contact Lydia Janow by phone at +1-917-825-1182, if you have any questions about this Conference.